Editing Relay!

I don't know about y'all, but editing is so hard for my kiddies! We work on it daily during morning work, we have visits from Dr. Edit, to help us learn strategies like using CUPS and reading our work aloud. We work as a group, in partners, and individually to practice our skills, but it's so hard to find all of our mistakes! Editing can be very DRY, and I don't like to keep things dry in my classroom, so we came up with an editing relay race! Here's how it works:

1. Divide your class into 3-4 equal teams (depending on the class size)
2. Think of different exercises they can do at each station. For example, we had the students doing squats, mountain climbers, push-ups ect. The number of stations should match the number of students on each team.
3. Line the students up next to a station, and hand out an editing passage face down to each student. Each student should receive a different passage. *There should be a pencil and clipboard at each station, so students can fix the mistakes*
4. Say, "GO!"
5. The first student works on editing their passage, while the rest of the team is cheering him/her on. When they are done, a teacher checks. If they still have mistakes, teacher can guide them if necessary, and then they go back and fix them.
6. When they have gotten checked, and have no mistakes they do the exercise at their station- then they run and tag the next team member. Then the next teammate goes!
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6, until each team member is finished!

Variations- have other students in the group give one hint each to help with the passage. Have them work as a team at each station, but a different person be the "captain" in charge of writing and doing that exercise.

The students LOVED this activity!! They told me they loved the competition, the fast pace, the fact they were learning, but didn't realize it, they loved how the teamwork, and they LOVED how no one got upset if a team member was struggling.

Next time I do this activity, I have to tweak a few things such as, what should the other students be doing when it's not their turn, and how can I make this more fun for the few who don't love the competition. Any thoughts on these two things would be much appreciated!