Anchor Chart Mania

I am currently deep in the heart of summer and as much as I love my time off, I also miss teaching so much! Since my summers consist of hanging out with my other teacher friends and some beach trips, I love to take some my free time to think about and prep for next year. One of my favorite things about prepping for the next year is to make anchor charts.

I know some teachers prefer to make anchor charts with their students while they are introducing new concepts, however due to time constraints of teaching in a school with a duel curriculum I like to make them over the summer.

Anchor charts are a staple in my classroom, one because I love them, two because they are a wonderful reference for students. If a student forgets what a reading strategy means, doesn't know the next step in problem solving, aren't sure what to look for when editing, forgot how to take notes, and much more the teacher, can just have them refer to the anchor charts. In my opinion these anchor charts are just one step in making the students more independent and more responsible for their own learning.

Some of my favorite anchor charts that I make are for reading strategies. Students can use these independently, and I can use them to reference to when introducing and reviewing the strategies. To get ideas for anchor charts, I love to use Pinterest. I often take two or three anchor charts and combine them to turn them into my own ideas. I don't tend to use ready made anchor charts, because they don't align directly to my curriculum, however I know there are some great ready made ones out there!

Some of my current favorites from this summer!

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How do you all feel about anchor charts? Do you use them in your classroom? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Ali, great anchor charts. I like to make my anchor charts in the moment of teaching but they are always messy looking. I always find myself going back after school and remaking them so that they are nice and neat and then I hang them up. I like the idea of making them during the summer. What a time saver that would be!

  2. You can absolutely grantee that I will be using some of these ideas in my classroom!! I too make anchor charts, but have never thought about making them before the lesson. However, more often than not, when I try to make the chart WITH the students, I struggle to stick to my original plan of the chart when I am flooded with their ideas and suggestions. I am definitely going to make my charts before hand now, and that could even mean the night or week before the lesson. Have you put pictures of your charts on Pinterest?? They belong there!!

  3. These are awesome! I will definitely be sharing them on my site...
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Can't wait to get started. Will let you know how I go!


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