Take Me Out to the Ball Game- Classroom Transformation 2

To celebrate all of our learning, we decided to turn our classroom into a baseball stadium for the day. The day focused mostly on math concepts, all baseball centered, but one station the main focus was reading comprehension. When the students walked in they were so excited for our second classroom transformation because the first one was so much fun! They each got a ticket when they first entered and got to complete a baseball word search while the rest of the fans arrived.

Station One- The Batting Cage

Here the students analyzed baseball statistics ranging from overall batting average to slugging percentage. They used these statistics, which are in decimal form, and they had to convert the decimals to fractions and to percentages. They then created a double bar graph to compare and contrast two different players of their choosing. They loved applying the skill they just learned in math to the real world. 

Station Two- The Snack Bar

This station was a blast! Not only did the kids get to nosh on pretzels and popcorn, but they got to "order" some of their favorite baseball snacks. In order to practice their word problem skills, they were given many different multi-step problems to solve using the menu that was full of  all of their favorite stadium foods. Some of the skills in the word problems included, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals, along with adding tax to a subtotal. 

Station Three- Run the Bases

Here the students had the opportunity to round the bases and solve different logic problems and word problems all revolving around, you guessed it! Baseball! Each base was laminated and the problems were on the bases. The logic problems really stumped some of the kids, but I loved seeing them think outside the box to solve the problems.

Station Four- Baseball Walk of Fame

This part of the "stadium" was the only non-math part of the stadium. Here the students had to use their non-fiction comprehension skills to research one of three Jewish baseball players and put their most important information on a baseball card. It was great to see them using some reading strategies we have been learning all year and applying it to this activity. 

Overall, our Take Me Out to the Ball Game day was a huge success! The students were 100% engaged, worked hard, and had fun! It was a perfect activity for the last week of school, and set up and break down was very low maintenance. Thank you to the PE coaches for letting us borrow some of your equipment! I am very much looking forward to next year, so I can expand even more on my classroom transformations!