Reading Comprehension Campout- Classroom Transformation

After visiting the Ron Clark Academy in February,, I was inspired to bring back what I learned to my own classroom, and that's when the Comprehension Camp Out came to be. With the help of my teammates, who are amazing, we transformed our classroom into a camp ground. The goals of the day were- 1. Review reading strategies 2. Engage all students 3. Make memories and have fun. The "camp ground" had four stations, each which were about 30 minutes long. 

Station 1
"S'more Summarizing" 

Students had the opportunity to hang out around the "camp fire" and practice their summarizing skills. They had task cards to read and summarize in 12 words or less. They were focusing on differentiating between the main idea and a summary. This was a challenge for some, and the challenge was met with a delicious s'more for them to enjoy.

Station 2
"Cooking up Context Clues"

The students practiced being a "word detective" and played a game of context clues dominoes. After successfully working with their group and completing the dominoes,they used task cards to further their detective skills with a set of task cards, to demonstrate their ability to define unknown words. All of the activities were in a picnic basket, and they did this while relaxing on a picnic blanket.

Station 3
"Fishing for main idea and details"

The students had to read an article about earthquakes and tsunamis, I tried to find an article more related to camping, but couldn't find one. After they read the article, they "fished" in the "pond" for different pieces of information from the article. They had to read the information and decide if it was a main idea, detail, or unnecessary information and sort it on the chart. 

Station 4
"Relaxing Under the Stars"

Here the students had the opportunity to roll out their sleeping bags and just have some silent reading time with flashlights under the "stars."

Overall this day was a HUGE success. The students LOVED it, have been begging for another day like this, and were 100% engaged all day long! Another classroom transformation is coming soon- next time it's "Take me out to the ball game!"

Just relaxin' under the stars catching-up on some great reading!

S'more Summarizing station with our "fire" pit.

Cookin' Up Context Clues at our picnic ground

A slight view of the "camp ground"