First Week STRESS

This week has been a whirlwind of activity. It was the first week of school, and that comes with excitement, anxiety, lots of work (that I'm not used to, due to summer!), and stress... due to all of this going on that is why I'm blogging on Sunday as opposed to earlier in the week! This week was my first week in fifth grade, and I love it. I have noticed a big difference on what they are able to do on their own, and so far I love it! For example, the kids are splitting one spiral notebook between two subjects, and I asked them to split it with a sticky note about half way. It took them about 2 minutes to do this, and I was so happy. It's the little things! :) I think that would have taken my third graders about 10 minutes to do this simple task. While planning for this coming up week, I am having trouble finding activities that are fifth grade appropriate and not too young. I think this will happen a lot this year and a lot of it will have to be trial and error. As I was planning this week, I was wondering what all of you do for your lesson plans. Do you plan day by day, or week by week? I usually plan a week at a time and then alter as necessary. What have you found works best for you? Also, do you plan with your teammates and do the same activities?


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  2. Ali,
    If you are able to, I would plan with my team. It is amazing how much work you can get accomplished and their ideas will save you some stress if they have been teaching 5th grade longer. My grade level teams that I have worked with always were so helpful and we would help each other prep materials for the first weeks community building activities. I always taught the primary and taught 3rd last year so I can't help you too much on age appropriate lessons, so use your team! Good luck to you!!


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