Today in my fifth grade class we started REEEADDDINNNG! This is something great my "mentor" teacher has taught me and I LOVE it. Basically, when you are reading your mind is always active, we focus on digging deeper into the meaning of the text, by making connections, inferences, questioning, and predicting. I starting teaching the kids today, that this is what we are already doing, it's nothing different except this time we are just writing down. They all have an active REEEAAADDDING notebook, that they put their notes in when they read. I have taught them that they can stop in the middle of reading, and jot down notes, or read for twenty minutes and do all your notes after. The best part about this, is I collect it and I can see how the child is reading by their notebooks and the notes they take while they read. It's very individualized and differentiated. Each child is a different learner, there for each child is working on a different strategy. I am so excited to see my kids dig deeper into their books, and see how they become better readers!


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